Oh, the places I’ve been!

For some reason, I went through a “maps” phase two years ago. Maybe it was the two month tour of Europe I had just returned from, maybe I was bored and had a lot of extra maps… who knows? But in the course of 6 months, I created two personalized DIY pieces of art.

The first was created using 5 maps that I brought home from my Europe trip. Using an old picture frame from college (previously holding 5 martinis in different colors- classy), a glue stick, a piece of cardstock, and a pencil, I created a personal and fun way to remember my trip.


From left to right (in the same order as my trip): Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Prague. I tried to use areas of the map that had easily recognizable points of interest (e.g., the Eiffel tower) and people love to come over and guess the cities.


On the bottom right, in place of a signature, I added “Europe 2011.”

I remember pulling a lot of inspiration from various website at the time I made this, you can see other examples of heart maps here or here.

The second map project was created for my boyfriend, who did not have a single thing on his wall when I met him. He loves to travel so I thought it would be a good piece of art for his office area. We bought the map and tacks at Office Depot for around $10 and glued it to foam poster board. It was super easy and fun!


Even though it sits in our current office area, each tack represents a place he has traveled to. Maybe I’ll add pink tacks for the cities I’ve visited.


Seeing the blank areas on the map is also incentive for us to travel as much as possible! Perhaps Brazil?

You can find a large world map anywhere, but I just saw a cute one at Urban outfitters.