Breaking Bad viewing party

As a former Chemistry minor and huge fan of Breaking Bad, the final episode last night was definitely a reason to throw a party. Don’t worry–there are no spoilers in this post.


I bought a few treats to make our viewing experience more fun!

The first are, of course, the blue meth cupcakes.

photo 5

I bought the cupcakes and asked for them frosted with plain vanilla. Then, I decorated them with blue sprinkles and blue rock candy, which were both actually really hard to find in LA.

photo 2 copy

You can find a great recipe for homemade cupcakes here, and you can read about the controversial idea of making drug-related sweets here.

We also bought chicken from a real-life Pollos Hermanos. And to top it off, my boyfriend thought it would be clever to get Horchata or Ricin-milk. Get it, rice and milk? Hilarious.

photo 3 copy

We polished it off with some whiskey (not pictured) to represent Walt’s drink of choice in the second to last episode. Overall, I would say the viewing party, like the finale, was a success.

photo 4 copy 2